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Different devises I have to offer for use:

Chi Machine        
Hot House

Aqua-Chi Spa Footbath

Bio Mat

Body Tune-Up,
60 min $85​

Each session is unique and may include any combination of the following as needed:

- Channeled Healing: Hands-on healing via channeled divine energy
- Dowsing: An ancient tool used for intuitively accessing information about the earth and people
- Give Back: Giving back what you took on from someone on a subconscious level
- Emotion Code: Releasing emotional baggage
- Shamanism: An altered state of consciousness which accesses information to the root cause of imbalances 
- Tuning Forks: Produces sound waves that travel along the energetic pathways which produce harmony deep within 
- Release Negative Spiritual Influences: Non-beneficial energies

3-pack, $240 (save $15)
6-pack, $470 (save $25)
Angel Reading Service add-on, 15 min $15
Unique health solutions... 
Let me introduce you to a better quality of life.
30 min    
30 min    
30 min    

Julie is available for private in-home appointments, and at The CATHE Center in Burlington and Lotus Be Well in Hartford. 
Analysis & Removal of Detrimental Energies,

Map dowsing of your personal space and/or land is done to determine if you are being negatively effected by detrimental energies. Solutions are provided to correct any identified issues, including those with stray voltage, ley lines, Hartmann & Curry Lines, water veins, and vortices.

Spirit Removal/Blessing,
prices start at $50

Non-beneficial energies come in many forms. Regardless of the form, these energies will be removed and replaced with divine white light. Spirit removal is done remotely for homes, businesses, and land.

Angel Readings,
30 min $35

Receive angelic guidance through Julie; she tunes into and translates messages from spirit to provide personalized direction and answers to your questions. 

3-pack, $100