Unique health solutions...
Let me introduce you to a better quality of life.
How "body intuitive" works for you -
Tools to improve well-being
Finding the right balance
Your health and well-being are vital to enjoying the best in life. At Unique Health Solutions, I can show you how to bring back the vitality and wholeness that make each day more enjoyable.
Let me show you how these commonly used techniques can improve wholeness and well-being:
Let me tell you what your body is saying to me. Discover what is out of balance in your body and how to get it back into harmony.
Using a combination of proven tools and intuitive gifts allows me to tune into the messages your body communicates to identify the root source of your health and wellness problems. With this knowledge and “body intuitiveness,” the most appropriate corrective options can be determined to create your personal, individualized solution for lifelong wellness. 
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 Divine Healing
Hands-on healing via channeled divine energy
 Crystal
Using the energy found in crystals and stones
 Homeopathic
Microdoses of natural substances to correct imbalances
 Emotional
Clearing trapped emotions
An ancient tool used for intuitively accessing information about the earth and people
 Vitamin Balance
Achieving the correct ratio of vitamins in your body

 Mineral Balance
Making sure your body has the appropriate balance of minerals

 Organ Balance
Raising organ vitality

 Allergies or Sensitivities
Finding the real source of these issues

 Chakra
Learn how your body feels when major energy centers are in balance

 Energy Levels
Increasing your levels to become more active and physically energetic
Correcting detrimental energies
Let me help you free yourself from natural and man-made energies that can negatively affect your life.

Stray Voltage
Electricity that is flowing out of control from one point to another

 Lay Lines
Earth’s natural energy pathways

 Water Veins
Underground water pathways

 Negative Spiritual Influences Nonbeneficial energies